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Discover a Fãncy new world.

Take a trip right into this gorgeous eclectic hot spot we've created and dive into a world of colors, textures and over the top decor. All bathed by this intimate red light to capture the best pics.

Ps.: Use a flash! ;)


Plan your event! 

Is it your birthday? Want to plan a special surprise for a special someone? Want to have a work meeting in a cool and relaxed spot? Get in touch with us and let us take care of the rest!

Wine and dine in the center of historical Lisbon and if you also Fãncy some music, let us help you find a Dj suited to your occasion and transform your night completely!

Let's have fun, together. 

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Lounge and reset. 

Painful working hours at the office need a place to heal and restore your energies. Get off work for a sip of a delicious cocktail with us and a side of some music!

Lounge- 6pm /8pm

Dj Set- 8pm/12pm


Lay on our couches like you would do at home. <3


Daily fresh Dj Set

Get your dancing shoes on and get groovy with our Dj sets. Everyday bringing something new to the dancefloor. 

Follow us on instagram @fancy.lisboa, and keep up with our artist schedule. 

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Bring your friends together

Do you Fãncy a good time?

Bring your friends together for a night out and get things going with our warmup sessions! Starting from 6pm until midnight, our daily Dj Sets promise to heat up the beginning of your night out with your best buddies. Let's make memories you'll never regret. 

Forget FOMO, you need to be here. 


Explore new ways to eat & drink

Hey foodies! Ready to have your taste buds dancing? Our chefs and mixologists are like wizards in the kitchen, creating dishes and drinks that will leave you spellbound.

Come in and see for yourself! Ditch the boring food and come get fancy with us!

Fãncy a bite?

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